New fat On-Ones

(Since On-One/PlanetX haven’t posted a video of their new fatbikes, I’m linking to this one instead.)

On-One has now released their new “Fatty Trail” fatbikes. Fatbikes and fatbike frames made to be compatible with the RockShox Bluto fork. The frame looks alot like a Parkwood frame that has been widened to fit a wheel with a 170mm rear hub with qr and a 4″ tyre.

The bikes will come in two different versions. One with a Sram X5 groupset for around €1700 and the other with a Sram X01 groupset and Reverb dropperpost for around €2400 (both with the Bluto fork).

If I were going to buy a fatbike today I’d probably not go for the On-One Fatty Trail bikes. I currently own a On-One Parkwood that I really like, and the Fatty Trails sure look like great bikes. But when I bought the Parkwood the British £ was really low compare to the Swedish krona (around 11:50 krona per £), so the Parkwood back then was a quite affordable bike considering bling such as Reverb, Revelation and a full 2×10 Deore groupset. Today the exchange rate of the GBP comes in at around 13:50 SEK so the prices of pretty much everything from Great Britain is a lot higher now.

That puts the Fatty Trail X5 in the same price range as the 2016 Kona WO or Scott Big Jon at my local bike shop. And those two have clearance enough for 5″ tyres and rigid front forks (on a fatbike I’d prefer a rigid fork). Plus then I’d just have to drop by my local bike shop if anything were to fail on the bike.

Swedish driving test

Have you ever wondered what the practical test for the motorcycle drivers license is like in Sweden? This video from the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) explains it. In Swedish.

Basically there’s first one part where you show that you can handle the bike at both low speed manoeuvring, high speed manoeuvring and braking (that’s the part in the video). If you have been approved on that part you are allowed to proceed to the part of the test that involves driving in traffic, and the driving in traffic is carried out the same day.

After a security check of the bike the low speed manoeuvring is where you show that you can push the bike with the engine switched off and then ride it at a low speed (up to 1:37 in the video). The high speed manoeuvring consists of an avoidance maneuver (at 50kmh) followed by a serpentine ride and braking to a standstill at the end. The final two brakings to standstills are carried out at 70kmh and 90kmh (both front and rear brakes should be used).

And before you can do the driving test you must have a learners permit, taken the two compulsory risk training courses (part 1 is theoretical and part 2 is practical) and the theory test at Trafikverket. For more information, check out the website Körkortsportalen most of the information there is in swedish though…

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